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Scar camouflage

What is scar camouflaging?

The Scar Camouflage procedure, is a type of SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) procedure with the objective of hide injury scars on your scalp to make it look like never happened.

This procedure is aimed at all those people (men and women) who have had some type of surgery in the scalp area. They are generally short sessions because they are very specific areas that must be covered.

Scar Camouflaging is an excellent option for those who are unsure of their appearance and want to hide it and make it appear that it was never there.

Scalp Scar Example

Benefits of scar camouflaging

1. Permanent Look

This procedure will be permanent, you only need to re-touch it a couple of years later. You can enjoy your daily activities and the hair tattoo will remain there. That's amazing!

3. 100% safe

This procedure is 100% safe, painless and is guaranteed to give you the best scar camouflaging ever. Your friends will even think didn't got surgery in first place!

2. Inmmediate Results

If you want to get rid of that scar as fast as possible, you can have your Scar Camouflage session and walk back to your home the same day!

4. non-surgical

Where another treatments requires surgical intervention and are not 100% safe or permanent, SMP is long lasting and it will only require some touch ups every 3-5 years.

Scar camouflaging portfolio

How to prepare for the procedure

1. Talk to your specialist

Consult with your trusted doctor if the scar you have can receive this type of treatment. Obviously we will also tell you if you are suitable for it or not, but you always have to check with your trusted specialist.

2. Arrive early for your session

Remember to be early to have more time to talk, prepare and get you in the mood!

SMP Artist in Action



It can feel scary to got this tattoo, but you are in good hands, so feel relaxed about the procedure.


If you're feeling so much pain, let us know, sometimes you can feel a little bit of pain, but so much is rare and is not intended to happen.

3.If you want a break, tell us

Sometimes can get tiring to be in a certain position, if you feel exhausted, let us know and we can take a break!

4. Ask us for anything

If you want to hear music, want a cup of water, or simply that we talk to you, let us know.

Aftercare recommended steps

1. Do not expose your head to the sun

This could negatively impact your scalp, since the impact of ultraviolet rays on the ink could lead to the ink deteriorating and degrading to a slightly unpleasant green color.

2. Avoid any substance in your hair for the first days

Mixing chemicals when the ink is not yet properly integrated into the skin can be detrimental to your skin, we recommend not applying shampoo or similar chemicals during the first week.

3. Avoid heavy sweating from workouts or exercise

We love that you stay in shape or that you pursue a healthy body, however, just for this occasion, we recommend that you do not do any type of exercise or physical activity that lasts longer than 10 minutes or that it is medium-high impact.

4. If feeling weird, give us a call

If you feel something strange on your scalp, call us immediately. It is highly unlikely that this will happen, but it must be considered as a possible scenario.


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