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Using Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), We Are Able To Restore The Appearance Of Natural Hair For Men And Women

keeping the heritage of classic barbering alive in Texas

We look forward to giving you a fresh new look and restoring your self-assurance and confidence.

Ricky Alejandro, Owner

Our story

About the brand

Welcome to Scalp Micro Exclusiv.

My name is Ricky Alejandro, Master SMP & Barber Academy Owner.  My school business is located in Tyler, TX. 

Experienced Barber 15+ years & a SMP ARTIST Instructor over 3+ years …

Over the years I’ve seen the ins and outs of hair loss. So many of my clients have suffered with hair loss they would always ask which remedies or products would work with hair loss.

And my #1 Hair Loss Solution recommendation is Scalp Micropigmentation!

My mission is to give the highest quality return on your expectations. Bringing your visualization into reality. I believe in miracles and this is a miracle to be true. We dedicate 100% to you as our client! We are excited to perform this procedure and ready to put a smile on your face and regain confidence in your daily life!

Working in this Industry has taught me so much about my clients and I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces when they see the outcome of their haircut or SMP results. That’s my driven passion in this industry.

Teaching this profession has given me the privilege to be a great example to my students and others to demonstrate that you can also be a great example In life!

SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is the best solution to regain their self-confidence! SMP gives it a natural hair follicle, pattern buzz cut look, very low maintenance. Even though hair doesn’t grow once ink impressions have been implemented and healed, it is close to resembling powder brows or eyebrow microblading ; SMP is a cosmetic Hair Tattoo.

SMP is non-surgical, therefore it is cost effective and the world’s Best Hair loss Solution. It will last 10 years plus, touch ups may be needed every
2-5 years some in order to keep it looking sharp and natural as possible.

Come see us today to get the confidence you deserve!”

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